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 Welcome to Join Honors Tech Co., Ltd.
Join Honors Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2009, which is a high-tech enterprise involved in test and measurement, R & D, production, sales and service.  Asia Pacific headquarters was located in Hongkong China. And a wholly-owned brach company named Beijing Yi Cheng Heng Da Technology Limited (YCHD) and office were registered in Beijing and Fuzhou by respectively.
We are committed to agency and application of global advanced electrochemical testing instruments and techniques, surface morphology analysis technology of the testing equipment and testing technology, materials performance testing equipment and fatigue fracture. At the same time, by cooperating with domestic and foreign research and development institutions, research and development of high-precision testing, measuring technology and equipment customization.
We have two main business section:
One part is promoting foreign high-tech analysis and testing equipment and high-tech test equipment sales in mainland China and Hong Kong region.
The main application areas for instruments of analysis and test and measurement that we distributed including battery, fuel cell, corrosion, coating, solar, sensors, super capacitors, electronics, new materials, microbial and so on. Products are mainly used in colleges and universities, research institutions, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, semiconductor materials research and development and production.
The other part is broker for import and export business:
We have first-class international trade and business logistics management professionals. We can provide our customers with efficient service for import and export, tax-free documents and customs clearance procedures, transportation, insurance, commodity inspection and others. We can also provide international trade and other aspects of business advisory services.
Under the technical support from major international brand organizations, we are responsible for product and program design, manufacturing, pre-sales, after-sales service, technical support and application training and so on with the industry elite technical team together. Although there is a wide range of business, but our service tenet is constant, that is, continuous improvement of management and sincere service. With the support of our customers, we believe that YCHD will keep providing high value products for all clients.
YCHD has great importance to personnel training and introduction, the management of the company has many years of experience in instrument industry and rich experience in enterprise management, the service team with rich experience, solid technology. At the same time, YCHD  has a strong cohesion, the staffs were united in team of harmonious, mutual trust, mutual help, mutual respect and vitality. Every one have access to opportunities for personal growth and development in YCHD.  We are willing to grow and expand together with every employee!
With the company spirit of "Quality, Concentration, Honest, Pragmatic" as business philosophy, we provided advanced equipment, professional technical consult and perfect after-sales service for many domestic users.
The spirit of YCHD:
亿 (Y-Yttrium)           Quality
诚 (C-Concentration) Concentration
恒 (H-Honest)            Honest
达 (D-Do)                   Pragmatic
Our products inclyding:
Group 1. Electrochemical
Electrochemical Analyzer
Multi-channel Electrochemical Workstation
Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM)
Electrochemical Software and Courses
Fuel Cell and Fuel Cell Testing System
Rotating Disk Ring Electrode(RDE)
Electrodes and Accessories
Electrochemical Test Equipment
Battery Tester
Test Cell
Group 2. Surface Metrology
Scanning Probe Microscopes
Atomic Force Microscopes (AFM)
3D Optical Microscope
Non-contact 3D surface Profiler
Portable Non-contact 3D Profiler
Group 3. Advanced Materials Property Testing
Friction and Wear Tester,
Fatigue Testing Machine
Universal Materials Testing Machine
Multifunctional Dynamic Fatigue Testing Machine
Rotary Bending Test Machine
Air Jet Erosion Tester
Gas Jet Erosion Tester
Torque Tester
Laser Rotary Speed Meter
High Frequency Fatigue Testing Machine
Resonant Testing Machine
Drop Weight Impact Testers / Impact Testers
Group 4. Programmable DC / AC Power Supply
Programmable DC Power Supply
Programmable AC Power Supply
AC / DC Electronic Load
Our commission is to provide our customer with high-quality, reliable products and high-end test & measurement solution and professional technical support and perfect service to complete customer satisfaction.
We are committed to working with customer and create a better future!
Excellent makes excellent!


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